Art Direction + Design: Nuru

Client: NURU, an Australian cruelty-free skincare line
Role: Art Director, Designer, Photographer
Team: Kacie Wilson (Producer), Ari Marshall (Strategist), Sean Leary (Strategist), Kelsey Lundstrom (Copywriter), Jordan Steyer (Designer), Hunter Reed (Art Director)

Challenge: Create packaging and digital assets that make NURU resonate with women in their mid-thirties (and beyond) who are looking for affordable, cruelty-free products.

Strategy: Unlike the majority of the beauty industry, NURU refuses to promote the lie that women have to look young to be beautiful.Through a personality that is supportive, elegant, sophisticated, simple, and light NURU signifies what it means to "age with beauty." 

Visual Strategy: NURU is sophisticated yet playful and imagery intentionally highlights this tension. Illustrations showcase a refined application of Matisse style cutouts. Photography is produced with natural light and features women of all ages and races, showing exactly what it means to "age with beauty." Typefaces selected are bold, full of personality that draws in the viewer and makes the brand stand out from others. Product layouts utilize movement through illustration placement structured type placements. 

View the full brand book here.