Client: Of Like Minds
Cultural Strategist, Marketing Manager

Client:  Of Like Minds (OLM) is a Cannabis Consultancy based in Seattle/San Francsico on a mission to educate women on the potential of cannabis for personal health and happiness.    

Challenge: Launch OLM’s social presence to garner a loyal audience for the startup’s first product, a podcast, called “How to Do the Pot,” which guides the modern woman through the oft-confusing legal cannabis landscape. 

Results: I was instrumental in reaching our target audience. I strategically built our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram communities. Additionally, I conducted market research, developed consumer education materials, produced our editorial content calendar, and pitched topics for coverage around the female cannabis consumer and her wellness concerns.

Impact: The podcast was a shashing hit and was featured in ︎︎︎ FORBES!


Client: April Pride, Cannabis Entrepreneur
Role: Social Strategist, Brand Voice

Client:  April Pride is a Seattle-based Cannabis Entrepreneur most-known for founding a cannabis lifestyle brand called “Van Der Pop.” April is a thought-leader in the luxury cannabis industry (with published articles in Salon, Couveteur, plus more) and has founded five companies.

Challenge: Further cement April’s position as a thought leader in cannabis while developing her personal brand. 

Results: I elevated April’s perspective in the industry by focusing on trending talking points such as: equity in cannabis, sustainability, and the basics of “how to do the pot,” (foreshadowing for her subsequent podcast with the same title). These talking points, communicated in a brand voice that was intentionally playful, casual, and heavy on emoji use established April as a relatable figure that newbies (and veterans) to cannabis can appreciate. In conjunction with these communication strategies, I curated her social feed for optimal analytical performance by showcasing high fashion, fine art, and weed-related images.

Impact: April’s Instagram following grew by 32% each month and her audience engagement increased dramatically, setting her up for a successful launch of her new company, Of Like Minds, and their podcast “How to Do the Pot.”

April’s Instagram can be viewed here.  


Client: Pilates on 10th
Role: Social Strategist, Photo

Client: Pilates on 10th is a Seattle-based pilates studio focused on holistic health and body dexterity for people of all ages.

Challenge:  Rebrand the studio’s online presence, communication strategy and website UX to ultimately boost memberships.

Accomplishment: Worked as an in-house lifestyle photographer to first capture and then  create a social strategy to showcase Pilates on 10th as an accessible studio (no matter your age or abilities). Redesigned the website for better UX, and increased email communications from monthly to weekly.

Impact: Thanks to a more relevant brand presence, Pilates on 10th saw an increase in CTR, social media engagement, and positive follow-through from members to book a session.